Amy & Ben: Relaxed and romantic outdoor green and white wedding

From the bride: "It all begin with a girl (me) who was in love and inspired by all things green, which is why our color choices were greens, neutrals, and whites. Our favorite color is green, so it just felt right to make that our wedding color. Our florals, which were just eucalyptus and white roses, helped us achieve that. We wanted to have a simple, beautiful, and romantic themed wedding. There are too many meaningful moments to share from our day, but the most meaningful was when Ben and I exchanged our vows to one another. It was as if time stood still, and we felt God's presence upon us.

Our tips for couples planning their own wedding would be take as many offers as you can when it comes to friends/family wanting to help out because you will need it! Don't get caught up in creating the perfect wedding that you lose sight of what matters most. In the end you will be marrying the person you love, and thats what it's all about."