My New Love for Mornings

I haven't always been a morning person. In fact, it was just this year that I returned to waking up early like when I was a kid. Until I started high school, I never slept past 7 a.m. I even remember spending the night at my friend's house in elementary school, waking up at 6, and then waking her mom so she would watch cartoons with me while we waited for my friend to wake up four hours later (not cool of me, I see that now…). In high school, throughout college, and even after, I could easily sleep until 11!

I've been traveling for almost six months, which means I have had very little consistency in my schedule lately. It's become even more important to me to rely on any routine I can keep, especially since my environment has been constantly changing and I've been living out of a suitcase for this half of the year.


What I actually do in my morning changes day to day, but as long as I give myself an hour of "me" time in the morning I'm ready to go into my day in a good mental state. 

I've actually started to look forward to this time though. I'm happier for it, and I've even gotten to the point where I crave this time. Spending the first hour of my day doing something that has some sort of payoff mentally (such as writing, reading, meditating, or even working on a passion project) or physically (such as exercising, drinking a big glass of water, or making a nutritious breakfast) sets me up for a great day. I have more energy and more mental clarity. Since I spend the first part of my day doing something I enjoy, I even look forward to it.

And the strangest part? I even look forward to my 6 a.m. alarm!

If there's something you wish you had more time for, try waking up earlier. I think you'll be surprised by the benefits, and you might even learn to love it like I now do.