The 6 Best Apps for Health & Fitness

Alright, so who else isn't afraid to say you love your phone? ✋🏼 It helps me stay connected to my family and friends, and, with some boundaries set in place, it serves me really well. I use a few apps to help me reach my health and fitness goals, and I think they can be great tools to help you progress. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites! I hope they are useful for you!

Photo by Keegan Jones

Strava: My favorite running app but it's also great for cycling. I love the social aspect of the app — it seriously motivates me to run faster when I know my followers can see my splits! It's free and I love the app's features for comparing my performance over time. Most of all, I love that I can import my runs from my Garmin watch so I can leave my phone at home when I run!

Seconds: This app is a lifesaver! I use it anytime I do a circuit or HIIT workout. For HIIT I have it set up for a 1-minute warm-up, 30:30 sprint intervals, and a cool-down. During a HIIT workout, it beeps really loudly to alert me it's time to sprint or rest, which is great because I can just keep my phone in an armband and know when to stop running based on the noise.

MyFitnessPal: It's been a while since I've tracked calories or macros, but this is the BEST app to do that! I think it's also the most popular, and it's for good reason. You can scan most foods (seriously, I rarely can't find something in the system) and enter it in as part of a meal or snack. It's also simple to input exactly how much food you're eating — for example, it's easy for me to put in that I only ate 75 percent of a serving size when I weigh a banana on my kitchen scale. Right now I'm mostly just using it to input my weight whenever I step on the scale because I have that data stored in there going years back and it's nice to see the trends visually.

Moment: This app tracks how much of my precious time I spend on my phone. It logs how many minutes each day your phone is unlocked, and it can also show you how much time you spend on each app with just a quick screenshot each morning (or once per week, based on which setting you prefer).

Headspace: OK, I don't use this one as much as I wish I did, but for what it does it is excellent. It's really popular so I probably don't need to explain, but for those who might not know, Headspace is an app that makes mindfulness and meditation simple and approachable. They have short sessions that are easy to fit into a busy schedule!

Waterlogged: This is the app I use to track how much water I'm drinking in a day. It's so easy! You just open the app, click on the water bottle, and enter how much water you drank. I have it set to remember the volume of my water bottle, which is half a liter, so I can just click on my favorites and it logs it. Having the accountability of hitting my goal in an app every day helps me stay hydrated.

Instagram: Seriously! This app can be great for health and fitness motivation if you follow the right people. Seeing others work hard and achieve their goals is one of my biggest motivators. I LOVE scrolling through my feed and seeing everyone sweating hard and staying positive!