Primal Kitchen: All the taste without the junk


I come bearing gifts!

I'm just going to come right out and say that Primal Kitchen is a company I can get behind. They make primal-inspired dressings and condiments (among other things!) that are full of flavor and zero added sugar or inflammatory junk. It's simply real food that supports healing and wellness. I didn't know this until recently, but the founder is Mark Sisson, best-selling author of the book The Primal Blueprint. He founded Primal Kitchen after having a hard time finding salad dressings that both 1) leave out ingredients that contribute to chronic disease and 2) taste great.

My food-as-medicine journey has accelerated over the past few months, so their cause resonates with me and inspires me to continue making mindful choices about how and what I eat.

In Mark's own words via the Primal Kitchen website:

I was once an elite endurance athlete who lost both health and vitality through an oppressive training regimen and a highly inflammatory diet. I vowed then that I would find a way to be as fit, strong and healthy as possible, with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice required.

After extensive research and years of experimenting, I regained my health and enjoyment of life by simply changing how I ate. I was so blown away by the dramatic shifts in my own health that came from simply rethinking my food choices, that I started to wonder how many tens or hundreds of millions of others might be suffering the same fate.
— Mark Sisson, Primal Kitchen founder

Quick shoutout to my favorite product: Their mayo goes with just about everything and is my FAVE way to get in a healthful, natural fat without compromising taste. It's free of soybean oil, canola oil, and added sugar.

I love that companies like Primal Kitchen exist because I know they haven't always been around. I'm still relatively new to this so I don't have much to compare the current landscape to, but paleo-inspired eating is neither inaccessible nor time-consuming because now products like this are available online or at speciality health food stores. You don't have to search high and low to find them (you can even buy many products like this on Amazon while wearing your pajamas in bed), and you don't have to make it yourself in your own kitchen unless you want to. Many of these products were a lifesaver for me during my Whole30 in January.

Today I am thrilled to be sharing some of my favorite Primal Kitchen staples with you. I truly use these products every day, and I am honored to be teaming up with Primal Kitchen to give one lucky person ALL OF THIS:

▫️ Honey mustard dressing
▫️ Ranch dressing
▫️ Caesar dressing
▫️ Greek dressing
▫️ Balsamic vinaigrette
▫️ Green goddess dressing
▫️ Chipotle lime mayo
▫️ Mayo 😍
▫️ Extra virgin olive oil
▫️ 3 Chocolate hazelnut collagen protein bars
▫️ 3 Coconut cashew collagen protein bars
▫️ 3 Dark chocolate almond collagen protein bars
▫️ 3 Macadamia sea salt collagen protein bars

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This post is sponsored by Primal Kitchen. All opinions are my own.