Congratulations on taking the next step toward your health and fitness goals! I know you have many choices, and I'm so grateful you have chosen me as your personal trainer. Before I create your individualized workout program, I need to understand your history and goals.

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If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions, consult your physician before engaging in physical activity. Tell you physician which questions you answered yes to. After medical evaluation, seek advice from your physician on what type of activity is suitable for your current condition.
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A support system could include your partner, friends, and family. An unsupportive social circle can make it harder to commit to a workout plan.
Weights, group fitness classes, SoulCycle, running, BBG, etc.
Running, SoulCycle, etc.
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Workout plans include 3–4 resistance workouts and 1–2 cardio workouts ranging from 30 minutes to one hour for a total of 4–6 workouts per week, based on your schedule.
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