You have a story to tell, and you need visuals to tell it. There's no way around it: The Instagram and blogging spheres are becoming increasingly more competitive, and brands and bloggers are realizing that high-quality imagery is a key piece of the puzzle in standing apart from the rest. Having consistent and fresh imagery elevates your credibility, increases brand awareness, and drives sales.

But you can't do one shoot and recycle the same images over and over again. You need new content pretty often — your audience doesn't want to see the same look and location each time they go online. It gets old pretty quickly to bug your boyfriend to snap a few images and isn't always practical (or affordable) to hire a photographer each month.

I work with Los Angeles-based bloggers and small brands to create captivating images to engage website visitors and brighten up their social media channels. You'll get images that are affordable and bright for your use in print and on the web. In our hour-long shoots, we can shoot for any project or post you're working on at the moment: new looks or outfits, action shots, or lifestyle images at home or out and about. I'll be your go-to photographer for whatever you have on the agenda for the month.




✓ Bloggers

✓ Creative entrepeneurs

✓ Small brands



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Premium Package
from 150.00
  • Bi-weekly 1-hour shoots

  • $150 monthly, cancel anytime

  • OR $125 monthly for 3 months prepaid

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Basic Package
from 100.00
  • Monthly 1-hour shoots
  • $100 monthly, cancel anytime
  • OR $75 monthly for 3 months pre-paid
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Starter Session
  • One 3-hour shoot

  • $250, one time only

  • This selection is ideal for bloggers just starting out or rebranding. Get a high quantity of portraits and personality shots to introduce yourself and establish your brand.

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